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CCR knows that we are restoring more than buildings, we are working with our clients to get their lives back in business. 

Quick Response Time
Our crews are available 24/7/365 and are ready when you need us. Many restoration companies utilize outsourced answering services for after-business-hours phone calls. Our staff answers when you call- eliminating one step and increasing our response to your disaster.

Educational Properties Receive First Priority
When disaster strikes, many disaster restoration companies are overwhelmed with calls from residential customers and in many cases, are part of Preferred Vendor Programs requiring their losses be started within one hour. Certified Commercial Restoration guarantees your educational property will receive first priority!

Locally Owned & Operated – Not a Franchise or Network of Contractors
Certified Commercial Restoration is locally owned and operated in Oklahoma. With locations in Tulsa and Edmond, Certified Commercial Restoration is around the corner from your educational property. Why Pay More? Many restoration companies pay franchise fees or administration fees to Vendor Programs which can be “hidden” within an estimate. Certified Commercial Restoration – Oklahoman’s Helping Oklahoma!

Direct Communication with Our Founders
Mr. Larry Landsteiner and Mr. Ryan Hill, our founders, are on the frontlines with our crews. On many projects, you will meet either one or even both as they come to visit you and check the status of your property. This one-on-one, direct communication gives you the respect and satisfaction you deserve. Typically, Mr. Landsteiner oversees projects on the east side of Oklahoma including the Tulsa Metro area and Mr. Hill oversees projects on the west side of Oklahoma including the Greater Oklahoma City Metro area.  Wherever, Whenever - We Serve All of Oklahoma!

Over 40 Years’ Experience in Disaster Restoration
With over 40 years’ experience, our founders, started from within the construction industry. Many disaster restoration companies start as carpet cleaners and have limited knowledge in construction. Our experience starts with construction and has since found a niche in disaster restoration.

Hours:  24/7 - 365

Tulsa - 918.807.7160

OKC - 405.315.4434